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Welcome Race Fans! In the fast paced world of high speed rock and roll motor racing a new breed has emerged... ROYAL GRAND PRIX. Formula Rock!
Customized in the body shop where the Beastie Boys, Ramones and AC/DC fine tune their performance vehicles comes the smoothest well oiled machine to thrill,  exhilarate and overwhelm rockin' race fans the world over.  Ladies and gentlemen... start your engines... it's the ROYAL GRAND PRIX.
After spending ten years each in the big house for grand theft auto and with fewer and fewer full service stations left for their employment,  the four sons of ex-indy driver and milkman Randy Romoli,  turn to the stage to fulfill their destinies of jumping to the pump for your guaranteed satisfaction.
ROCKY, ROBBIE, ROSIE, and MAC have raced with other such thrill seeking high octane track hogs as Huevos Rancheros, Chixdiggit, T.S.O.L., Real McKenzies, D.O.A., NoMeansNo, Southern Culture on the Skids, and the Hanson Brothers and have always finished first. Every lap there's a danger flag as the speeds exceed reality.
Only the PRIX can handle their precision machines with split second synchronized accuracy.  When the checkered flag waves and the dust settles,  you'll witness the ROYAL GRAND PRIX in the winners circle with champagne and babes... but don't believe they're getting soft... they're always hard and ready.
The ROYAL GRAND PRIX... don't miss it!!