the strip
2007-02-15 23:40:55
i liked your site
Jim Dobson
Boston, MA
2007-01-12 13:40:49
Rosie! I'm missing all the good gigs as I'm semi-trapped here in Quebec/Ontario. Hoping you'll be around when I get back to Vancouver! Miss you.
jennifer jones
vancouver, bc
2006-08-04 06:08:56
sorry ladies I'm in Italy now and teachin' everyone how to drive faster!!!!
milano, MI
2006-06-28 21:49:26
Rosie, when am I gonna have your baby? Gimme a year or two and if nothing else pans out, we'll talk. "I can hear the wind rustling in my ovaries!" another Railway Girl
Railway Girl
Vancouver, BC
2006-06-21 13:30:16
Keith! er,"Rosie!" You were in my dream last night... no nothing wet about it, but remember your "hole-in-the-blanket" trick you used to play? man, you were desperate back then, so - anything new?
Lethbridge, AB
2005-12-23 13:01:07
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May you be blessed with booze and many horny, large breasted women!
Van, BC
2005-11-11 05:49:22
I'm in Italy right now giving some pointers to the ragazzi at ferari but the Prix would love to come down and show you how to rock!!!
biella, ital
2005-11-05 22:46:45
ey romoli's cant wait to see you me to play gig in san luis obispo ,california.
2005-07-18 21:17:12
saw you guys in Eureka CA way back when. what are the chances you guys showing SLC a gig? P.S. I've still got my autographed CD from your show at the 'V D by the Bay' in Eureka. thought ya'd like to know.
bill p.
Brigham City, UT. USA, usa
2005-04-11 15:42:35
Hey Perre, I'm in Banff Alberta Canada today and Milano, Italy next week...
Banff, AB